Sunday, February 5, 2017

Lady Gaga Super Bowl 51 Halftime Review

I am a football fan, yes. But I am not a Lady Gaga fan. I don't think I could name one song outside of "Poker Face." So what is the take of a football fan watching Lady Gaga for the first time? I guess the halftime at the Super Bowl is a good an opportunity as I will get.

I am not enthused by the Tiffany commercial. This already tells me she is not like me. No one has really connected with me a a Super Bowl halftime show since Left Shark. I love how people say they are "too this" or "too that" and they shill for a high end jewelry company. Yup, makes sense. 

She's starting out on top of the frigging stadium? OK, that's cool, And singing a medley of American songs. Somewhere Sting and Shawn Michaels knows how she gets down. That's a lot of fucking faith in those wires. 

I don't know what bloody song she's doing now, and I am OK with that. I am pretty sure all the kids on the field have no idea what a on side kick is. And if I was a player I'd be pretty pissed that the field is most likely getting trashed right now by a bunch of Little Monsters wearing heels and jumping up and down.

The handheld keyboard is such an underused instrument. Maybe Kimmel should have played that in high school instead of the clarinet.

lady gaga super bowl 51 halftime review

It seems like her hair is growing during the performance. These songs are all starting like they are from the same soundtrack of a teen movie. The part where the girl thinks she lost the guy, but anyone with half a brain knows they are totally getting together. 

I don't know what I watched, but it was inoffensive enough to not piss anyone off. Now be sure you inspect the field, because I am sure the Patriots are up to some shenanigans in the second half.

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